The Mind of the Dolphins



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Martyn's song

Weary is the ground beneath our feet
Yet even now our journey's incomplete
Ageless we've become, yet older still
Ahead perhaps a way but little will.

Outcasts now, our footprints bringing shame
Criminals, yet we are not to blame
Mummy look! That bad man has no shoes
Whichever way we turn, we lose.

A Barefooter so born must always be
Despised by those who never will be free
No sword or shield can set aside this foe
Who tells us everywhere we cannot go.

Outcasts now, betrayed by those we trust
Our hopes and dreams have withered into dust
Upon the sand, bare footprints rarely seen
Forbidden are those places we have been.

Achievements grand and small were but in vain
Heroes once, now hunted down and slain
All alone, there's nowhere we belong
For everything we say or do is wrong.

Outcasts now, and so forever more
Lonely feet, no footprints on the shore
Our numbers few, and fewer still will be
Awaiting those who come to set us free.