The Mind of the Dolphins

Elfstar Song


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This song was taught to young Elvish children who'd been exiled to Meridian in the early days of the War of the Barefooters. Its origins are obscure, but many scholars believe it may have been based on a much older (and longer) verse called The Dolphins' Lament. Although many references to that song have been found in the archives on Meridian, Bluehaven and Cornipus, its actual words remain a mystery.


In Elfstar's light we run with joy
Across the fields, each girl and boy
O'er hill and dale we run and run
Until at last the night is done
In dawn's soft glow we rest our heads
And wake up in our cosy beds.

Oh Elfstar, with your silver beams
Take us nightly in our dreams
To Bluehaven, our long lost home
Where ancient Dolphins vainly roam
In search of what they cannot find
With many souls but just one mind.


If you can stand my voice, you can listen to a rendition of it here, sung to the tune of Melita.